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May 8, 2015


Don’t do this at home

DSC_0044 test29

Since we presented the 3D printed PiKon astro-cam at Festival of the Mind for the University of Sheffield, things have gone viral. Our story was shared by the press and our web site has had thousands of hits. Our initial thinking was to make the 3D designs available for anyone to print, but it clear that not everyone can do that. So we’ve decided to crowd fund the project and we’ll be offering everything from 3D files to assembled telescopes and more.

You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we also post anything to do with 3D printing, Raspberry Pi and disruptive technology that takes our fancy!



We are now preparing for our launch, so if you want us to keep updated on PiKon please leave us your e-mail>

Here are some of our rewards:

  • 3D Printer files
  • Set of 3D printed parts
  • Full kit of parts
  • Fully assembled telescope
  • Raspberry Pi Camera eye piece adaptor
  • PiKon+ 150mm (6″) model


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