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How it works

The PiKon is a telescope that uses 3D printed parts and a Raspberry Pi with camera to capture images.

Newtonian Reflecting Telescope


A conventional (Newtonian) reflecting telescope uses a concave mirror (objective) to form an image which is then examined with an eye piece. So that you don’t get your head in the way while viewing, there is a 45 degree mirror placed in the telescope tube and the eye piece is mounted on the side with a focusing rack.


In the PiKon design, the Raspberry Pi camera is placed in the tube with no 45 degree mirror. The size of the camera printed circuit board (PCB) is 24mm x 24mm, about the same size as the 45 degree mirror.

The lens of the Raspberry Pi camera is removed, exposing the camera sensor. The objective mirror is 4.5 inches diameter (113mm) and a focal length of about 600mm.

The telescope is operated using a Raspberry Pi computer, keyboard and monitor. Full details are in our assembly instructions.


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