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Build a PiKon


The PiKon is an open hardware project, which means that you are free to down load the 3D printer files (.STL) and build (or even sell) your own PiKon. The STL files are in this DropBox link. You can also download a full set of assembly instructions here.

Some makers have found it difficult to find some of the components for the PiKon. The mirror for example usually has to be bought as a telescope spare part at a premium price. With this in mind we have secured a supply of mirrors and can offer them and all the components you’ll need at our on line shop:-

The shop offers everything from full kits (including 3D printed parts) to sub-kits and components.


Finally, when you have built your PiKon, be sure to have your pictures posted on our Instagram account by mailing them to me at



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